Application Information

In Light of Us offers free web site hosting for people/groups who would like a web site to support their green projects/initiatives OR to support their communities. We also offer web site hosting to financially stressed individuals and businesses in situations where having a web page would help assist in their sustainability and growth.

The Good Stuff
When you receive an account from In Light of Us, you get:

  1. A Web account with 150 MB of space (or more if requested).
  2. An FTP account for uploading your files to your web page.
  3. Your own web address from a unique name you choose to point to your web page. (i.e.

To access the application form, please click the link at the bottom of this page. The form MUST be filled out completely, before you hit the submit button. And please read the rules below before applying.

Also, allow up to 3 business days for your application to be processed. Your account information will be e-mailed to you. If you do not get a response or have any problems, please e-mail us at

  1. Web page accounts on In Light of Us are limited to 1 per person/group. Registering multiple accounts without requesting permission can result in an account ban.
  2. All content posted MUST be your own. Anyone caught posting illegal-copyrighted material will have their account banned. Think of In Light of Us as a community meeting hall that is shared by your neighbors. Please be responsible sharing this resource with your neighbors, and don't abuse access. If laws are intentionally broken, In Light of Us reserves the right to contact authorities.
  3. Pornographic/adult material is NOT permitted on In Light of Us. If you feel there is a special case, you may contact for special permission.
  4. Web accounts may not be used for storing/trading files (Example: warez/programs). Only content relevant to your site may be kept on In Light of Us. Our staff DOES check for compliance. Keep your FTP password private to prevent public abuse!
  5. We will try our best to be fair to everyone and respect other's points of view. In Light of Us does reserve the right to freeze or cancel any account it deems abusive and/or disruptive.
  6. Please don't waste space. If you want to put a high res picture or .mp3 on your web page for visitors to enjoy, that is just fine. But, please no 400 meg uncompressed BMP's, 200 meg uncompressed .wav files, etc. Use compression wisely. All content and web sites submitted to In Light of Us will always remain owned exclusively by their contributing creators.
  7. NOTE: In Light of Us makes efforts to back up our users’ files. However, In Light of Us is NOT responsible for ANY lost data, and the end user is solely responsible for having their own back ups.
  8. To use this service, all users agree to hold In Light of Us harmless/not liable in any civil legal dispute over services. Furthermore, users agree that their remedy for such a dispute is to discontinue our services.
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Gene Angel and Kaycy Ruffer